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Tasked with a month long exploration of an unanswerable question, I read a book, two plays, and scoured strange corners of the Internet. I immersed myself in the philosophies of Existentialism and Absurdism. I amassed pages of research and discovered that I love researching. Within hours, I rejected my initial ideas and exploded my thinking in every direction. This piece was almost blatant: existence, perception, choice, and intention. I kept worrying about having the time to make something imposing until, through conversations with others, I realized that I didn’t need impose. I could simply do something, such as hand over a signed affidavit for a conversation. This delighted me. I saw Lawrence Weiner’s text-heavy retrospective at the Whitney in New York, and again, I was delighted by it. Thinking, writing, speaking, doing as art. Everything I create is a manifestation of what I have put into my mind. So, I let this piece come naturally to me. I imagined a place to think. It came to me in a daydream. Instead of reaching a false conclusion, I created a context for further discussion. The sculpture is just an object, the concept and the conversation, the intangibles, are the art. It’s okay to not have, and not want, a concrete opinion. My beliefs are strong, yet constantly changing and I hope that that never stops. I don’t just want to talk about my piece, I want to talk inside it, or beside it, with you. I want it to be a lens through which we can look at and talk about about existence, perception, choice, and intention.


This outdoor installation, constructed December 2007, was my final project at the Oxbow School. The sculpture hangs from a tree and descends to the ground, creating a space large enough that about 5 -10 participants may enter and see the world around them diffused through the material. Inside is an intimate environment for discussion that responds to every breath of of the wind. The space is truly ethereal. The material is one large sheet of plastic constructed by overlapping layers of industrial stretch wrap. For the most part, the stretch wrap clings to itself, but small portions and the seam of the walls were fixed with spray adhesive. Dimensions of the uninstalled sheet of plastic are roughly 25 x 40 ft.

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