A simple projected interface that augments note-taking for time-based media.

How it works

Why use it?

Imagine that the paper represents the song as a timeline from the start (on the left) to the finish (on the right). The soundline helps you place your notes and doodles in the linear context of the song. Want to remember a specific musical transition or recurring pattern? It’s easy and totally painless to capture the tiniest details and then return to them later. Simply make a dot or hatch mark on the page and write or draw a short reminder. When you want to return to this point to study it further, just use your computer to scrub through the song until the soundline is touching the mark. Hit play and observe your notes in sync with the sound.

Write, draw, paint, use different colors, paste stickers, draw connections, use graph paper. The possibilities are endless. If something isn’t specifically related to a point on the timeline, nothing is arbitrarily stopping you from noting it anywhere you want at any time.

The simple animation transforms your blank piece of paper into a time-based notepad that allows for densely layered, unobtrusive, and organized annotating. Second-by-second.

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